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Outer Seaways can protect your shipment with cargo insurance

Vessel catching fire on the water. Image by David Mark from Pixabay

What if the vessel transporting your container catches fire? What if it capsizes? What if some of your product is stolen during transit?

There are many unforeseen circumstances that can cause your cargo to be lost or destroyed, which can lead to catastrophic financial losses. Thus companies should always consider purchasing cargo insurance to protect their shipments.

Fortunately, Outer Seaways offers cargo insurance in addition to our freight services. Our insurance covers your cargo for 110% of the CIF value (cost, insurance & freight) to ensure your cargo is fully protected.

We provide our customers with the peace of mind of knowing that their shipments are protected during transit.

Have any questions about our cargo insurance? Call our office at 215-732-0609, send an email to or sign-up to comment below.

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