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Dallas rail and Houston port suffering major setbacks after snow storm Uri rips through Texas

Snow covered road in residential area outside of Dallas, TX. Taken Monday, February 15, 2021

Snow storm Uri wreaked havoc across the state of Texas and several other southern states this past week. This type of severe winter weather is extremely rare for the area and has caused major damages and power outages across the area.

These dangerous conditions caused all ports, rail yards and truck services to shut down across Texas since Monday, February 15th.

The port of Houston recently opened back up yesterday February 18th at 12:00 PM central standard time, but vessel schedules are still being adjusted in response to the storm.

Likewise, the Dallas rail yard re-opened some operations yesterday, but train schedules are backed up.

The majority of truckers in the region are still not operating due to the high quantity of black ice on roadways causing significant risk to personnel and cargo safety.

There is no further snow forecasted for the immediate future and the warmer weather should improve transportation conditions in the area.

Outer Seaways is keeping in constant contact with our partner facilities throughout Texas and will provide further updates as received.

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