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Why using an NVOCC is better than dealing with an ocean carrier

It may appear that shipping with an ocean carrier is best, but that is not the case. Instead, it is better for a company to use a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC).

Image by Steve Howard from Pixabay

Why dealing directly with ocean carriers is difficult.

Ocean carriers deal with massive cargo volumes. Thus, it is difficult for companies to receive quick responses and personalized services for their shipments.

Also, when using an ocean carrier you are limited to their services. So if an ocean carrier decides to cancel your sailing date then your container shipment will be delayed. Such situations can deteriorate your customer relationships and lead to fees.

How does using an NVOCC help?

The great thing about an NVOCC is that we can provide you multiple shipping options. Outer Seaways works with many carriers and international agents to transport your freight to its required destination.

Outer Seaways can offer you multiple shipping dates, which will prevent shipment delays, excess fees and preserve your customer relationships. Moreover, we provide both ocean and air freight services. Thus, you can customize your shipments by shipping certain materials ocean freight and the rest by air.

We also handle shipping documentation, cargo consolidation and many other services. But most importantly, we personally consult you on the best way to ship your cargo.

In Short...

When using an ocean carrier your company is limited to their services. Whereas Outer Seaways can provide many options and will consult you directly on what is best for you.

Have questions about how Outer Seaways can help you? Sign-up and comment below or call our office (215) 732-0609.

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