• Joseph O'Donnell

Montreal port strike set to start Monday; delays likely to follow.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Container being unloaded from a truck at the port of Montreal.

The union that represents dockworkers at the port of Montreal announced that Monday, August 10th will be the start date of an unlimited workers strike.

The dockworker strike was provoked by recent changes that maritime companies made this week that will effect workplace conditions. This strike will follow multiple employee walk outs that have occurred since last week. Click here to read more.

Many shipments are already being rerouted to surrounding ports like Halifax and New York as Montreal dockworkers refuse to load/unload vessels.

At this point, there is no announced time frame for how long the strike will last. Any shipments that were scheduled to call at the port of Montreal will be rerouted causing minor delays until further notice.

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